Customer Service

At Ijarah Finance (MORA), our customers are the basis and center of our work, as we consider them the backbone for our success. This is why we look forward to satisfying their needs by presenting a first-rate service. We are aware of the fierce competition on the market, yet we are different… different because of our innovative solutions!

We know how important a car is for both the individual and the family, therefore, we present solutions for a better life by putting at your disposal all our resources and mobilising our competent team to present you the program of Ijarah Finance (MORA) for car financing that is compliant with the Islamic Sharia principles, as an ideal solution for owning the car you want.

Advisory Services and Assistance

We have dedicated an advisory team to present you the services needed in order to select the program that suits you best. Any customer, registered with us or not, may contact the advisory services team for assistance.

Consumer Protection Principles

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